Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We did it! The village of El Naranjo came together and cleaned up their community. The work leading up to the clean up day was just as much fun as the actual day. It was neat to build a vibe for something and I am starting to feel more apart of the community.

Angel was a giant help from the day we started the plans. He went into the village with me countless times and passed out garbage bags and spread the word about el Dia de Limpieza. He and Darwin prepared the endless pounds of pollo y carne de rez. And on the actual day of the clean up Angel was the first one there and the last one to leave, manning the grill the whole time. Having his help, and Darwin´s too, made the day successful. They knew all the right things to do to ensure the community´s full participation.

The Marzapan School (owned and operated by Standard Fruit Company....Dole Bananas and Pinapples) in La Ceiba, kindly donated about 8 bags of clothes and shoes to the commuity, which we passed out in exchange for bags of trash.

Over 150 bags of trash were collected and hopefully the people of El Naranjo are enjoying living in a clean community!

I had a much more personal experience last week as well. I went rafting for 7 hours down mostly Class IV and V rapids. For those of you savvy rafters you know that Class V rapids is as big as them come. This was a true test of strength and endurance. I was scared shitless for basically 7 hours. Each time we passed through a rapid my mind was absolutly clear. The only thing I could do was look ahead and paddle with all the strength I posess in my body. Afterwards, as we floated to the next rapid passing through the rainforest my mind was clear and my heart was free and able to process what I am doing here.

I can´t explain the change that occured in me on the river that day. I exposed myself to this place, to this river. I know that I am vunerable but I can´t shrink because of it. I must be strong and go boldy. The river is best, but once again forgiving.

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Peas 'n' poems 'n' more winging your way :) Love, E.